School Motto,Vision and Mission


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Motto: Education for Exellency

Vision: To provide all round educated active and usefull members of the society.

Mission: To establish exemplary …

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The school is located in Nakuru county,Nakuru North sub county Bahati constituency,Dundori zone.It started in the year 1997.The school is situated in …

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Sports Club

There goes a good proverb—”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy“.

Various sports are provided in school because It is an …

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B.O.M Executive Members

Daniel Ngatia -Chair Person Ramathan Noor-Secretary Judy Mirango Benson Gichuhi Milka Gichuru Joseph Njuguna Elizabeth Kangaru

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Concerns as a school

Drugs and substance abuse effects on their parents affecting them by havin wrong role models. Child labour Accidents due the slippery paths. …

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